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Weekly Portion: Be’halot’cha (Numbers 8-12)

Aharon is commanded in the lighting of the Menorah, the Levites purify themselves for service in the Tabernacle (they trained from age 25-30 and served from age 30-50). The first Pesach is celebrated since leaving Egypt. The Almighty instructs the Jewish people to journey into the desert whenever the ever-present cloud lifts from above the Tabernacle and to camp where it rests. Moshe is

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Weekly Portion: Naso (Numbers 4:21-7:89)

This week’s portion includes further job instructions to the Levites, Moshe is instructed to purify the camp in preparation for the dedication of theMishkan, the Portable Sanctuary. Then four laws relating to the Cohanim are given: 1) restitution for stolen property where the owner is deceased and has no next of kin — goes to theCohanim 2) If a man suspects his wife of

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Weekly Portion: Bamidbar (Numbers 1:1-4:20)

In the second year of travel in the desert, Moshe and Aharon were commanded by the Almighty to count all male Israelites between 20 and 60. There were 603,550 available for military service. The tribe of Levi was exempt because of their special duties as religious leaders. (It is probably from here that countries give divinity deferments to clergy and divinity students.) The twelve tribes were

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